Fishing is Strictly by Fly Fishing Only
No more than 3 flies with a maximum size of size 8 longshank
No Booby , Snake or flicker flies to be used
No ground baiting
Barbless or debarbed hooks must be used when fishing catch and release
First fish caught are to be retained until bag limit is reached and only then may catch and release be used
All nets MUST be dipped in the disinfectant tank before fishing
Landing nets and priests must be carried and used responsibly
When fishing catch and release do not remove the fish from the water
Fishing is from the designated stances and platforms access these by the correct path
We recommend a minimum of 5lb breaking strain nylon
Any Person contravening the above rules will be told to leave the fishery
The management takes no responsibility for any damage or accidents to persons or property whilst using these facilities
By Purchasing your ticket you agree to abide by the rules

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