Tay Estuary Diary January 2024

It was quieter spell of weather that saw in the new year and the water level continued to slowly drop back.

As it is at this time of year a lot of our time was spent on cutting more wood, splitting logs, and chapping kindling to keep our supplies for the wood stoves stocked up during the colder weather.

The white Egret that was seen before the holidays is still putting in the odd appearance up and down the river this month, and we had a great crested grebe hanging about our area for a few days before moving on again.

By mid-month the cold snap had a good bite with the mercury dropping down to seven or eight below some nights,

there was a dusting of snow and the ponds up at the fishery and Activity Centre were well iced over and out of use for a while.

Finally, when we got a bit of a thaw and thought the weather was improving

along came the next storm (Jocelyn), which was another wild one leaving a lot more damage in its wake. There was localised flooding, a lot more structural damage and plenty trees down again along with more power cuts up and down the country. As the month moved on the weather did improve again which was welcomed as the ground was at saturation point.

There was another coaster again back up to Perth harbour plying its trade, it always good to see these bigger boats making their way up through the estuaries channel.

It was to be a very stormy last day of the month; and a tree came down over the road (and part of the railway) that was blocking the access into the Activity Centre.

There was a very quick response to this situation from the railway boys, and everything was sorted out and the road was accessible again very quickly.

By evening the river level was at six foot six inches and rising.


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