Tay Estuary Diary June 2023

The 1st started off with a dry warm day and a low river level that was to continue right throughout the month

as we endured what was to be one of the hottest Junes on record!  The bees have certainly been active of late in the good weather, we came across a swarm of bees while out cutting one day,

so we managed to catch them and move them into one of the old empty hives that we had, they seemed to have settled in okay.

Along with all our usual grass cutting, the big hedges up at the Café

and the Activity Centre both got their first cuts of the season, always glad to see them done and tidied up for a while again.

As some of the wildflowers were starting to die back, there are a lot more other wildflowers opening again in different places all along the riverside, the Flags and Purple Loosestrife are showing up well in some places just now.

The Bell flowers are just starting to come out in flower and the Meadow Cranesbill has had a good year again.

The hedge bill has been out this last week cutting back a lot of the big flowering Hogweed, we always try and get round the worst of it before the seed heads start to form on them.

We did manage to get a trip away from the estuary up to our Cargill rod beat for cast one afternoon mid-month, there were plenty fish showing but we never caught anything that day, although they were catching fish the days before and after our visit!

The weather did cool down a little bit and we had some rain towards the end of the month, but it made very little difference to the river level as we saw out June.


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