Tay Estuary Diary March 2023

The river level stayed steady right into the 2nd week of the month and the weather pattern was quite similar too but that was all to change as we were hit with a cold wet spell of weather that had the river level fluctuating right up to the end of the month.

As jobs went this month, there was a lot more time spent cutting and splitting wood again to keep the wood burning stoves going.

When we did get the odd warm spells, the bees were soon piling out of the hive and enjoying the nearby heathers.

On some of the wetter days the old fire was lit in the bothy, and there was some routine maintenance carried out on our various bits of kit to get them all ship shape for another season.

For all the wet weather we had the season kept moving on and the succession of flowers and colour continued to change along the riverbanks, with Chionodoxa and snakes head fritillary showing up well in some areas

along with the wild Primrose.

Up at the café the daffodils are out in force now all around the pond

and the resident swans up there have now built their nest and the female is now sitting tight. We had the clocks change on the last weekend of the month, which was followed by a hard frost the next day, but it was soon back to a dry milder spell


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