Tay Estuary Diary February 2023

The colder blustery weather continued into the start of the month and we had a quick lift in the river level after a couple of days as conditions changed but it was soon to be slowly dropping back again.

Over-all February was to be quite a dry month with some cold frosty spells; although there were some milder spells too. It is always a good time of the year to catch some stunning sunrises

during some of the short warm spells we had the bees were quick to leave the hive and make the most of it while it lasted.

The birds were starting to show an interest in the bird boxes again

so it was time to give some of the old boxes that had come down in the stormy weather over the winter months a quick patch up, and to get them put back up outside again ready for the start of the nesting season.

The 20th saw the end of another duck shooting season on the estuary, but there are not many wildfowlers out and about on the river these days.  We were seeing a few whoopers about the river for a while during the stormier weather

Snipe sightings have been very good of late and a lot of the Teal have all moved on now. It was more of the same this month on the job front, most of the time spent mainly cutting back growth along the sides of the pathways

and splitting more wood and kindling for the wood burning stoves.

As the month progressed the snowdrops were beginning to die back in some areas and the wild primrose

and grape hyacinth were the next bursts of colour to be pushing up through the ground.

It was a cold dry frosty day that saw out the month and the river level was back down below the three foot mark on the gauge up on the rod beat.



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