Tay Estuary Diary November 2022

We were not long into November before the weather broke again and once more the river was on the rise again, this was proved to be a bit of a theme for the month!

In the first week river levels reached around the 10 feet mark, but after some terrible weather in week 3 we had a level of over 13 feet and a lot of localised flooding! There was a final check in on the beehive to see things were okay, some fondant was added to help see them through the coming months and then they were all closed for the winter.

There was more time again this month spent cutting splitting, and storing more wood,

along with chapping more kindling to keep supplies up.

During this time the little bilge pump was a constant in the cobbles as it worked away at keeping all the rainwater pumped out of them.

As the very wet weather forced us indoors, one the jobs that helped pass the time was treating all the outside bench tables from the café, giving them a good coat of preserve to help protect them.

As the damp weather continued there were still various fungi to be seen popping up in different places about the waterside!

The weather turned colder and foggy at times towards the end of the month

and there was still a bit of spate on the system with the river sitting at a steady six and a half feet above summer level as the month drew to a close.


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