Tay Estuary Diary October 2022

October had started the same way September finished, with a bit wet and wild weather. This had the river level rising and falling either side of the five foot mark throughout the month as the rains came and went.

There was a late spin of honey off our bees at the start of the month before sorting out the hive for the winter.

The insulation board and winter guard are all in place now ready for the onset of the colder weather. We are still seeing the odd wild flowers and assortment of fungi around the riverside,

but as our hedge cutting, strimming and grass cutting wound down for the season there was a bit more time to catch up with the chainsaw cutting some more logs for the wood burning stove up at the café.

The 15th saw the rod fishing season come to an end up on our Cargill rod fishing beat; this year total catch proved to be their best for ten years, with them getting 425 salmon and 41 sea trout. All in all a very good season, and now with their boats safely off the water for the winter they are now enjoying a well-earned break.

Another job tackled this month was dismantling the big marquee that was outside the café, for the winter, this has now been done and put away into storage for the winter months.

The bigger tides saw some more coasters plying their trade up the river to Perth harbour, always good to see them cutting through the water when they pass.

We had some unseasonably mild weather at times with the odd good days thrown into the mix,

but overall it has been a wetter month and the river level pretty much finished off where it started in October.


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