Tay Estuary Diary September 2022

The good weather continued into September for a bit and the river level had stayed low

but that was all to change by the 7th as the rains came with a vengeance causing localised flooding and a bit of spate, there was a quick jump of about six feet onto the river level but it was not long before it was a falling away again.

Overall it has been not a bad summer for the abundance of fruit trees at all the various locations along the estuary; some of the apple trees have fared better than others, the damsons have done very well, and it has also been a better year for the brambles too.

As the grass cutting season nears its end it has taken its toll on some of our kit again this summer, with the strimmer heads needing replacement spools

the PTO shaft on the tractor needing some attention

and even the old bilge pump for the cobble finally had to be replaced!

It has been a very good month for our Cargill rod beat where they have had over 150 fish for September, so a few happy anglers up there getting in amongst some decent sized fish.

We have had a good dry warm summer but as September draws to a close there is an autumnal feel about it now what with the leaves changing colours on the trees and the large skeins of noisy geese passing over head,

you cannot help thinking the first of the ground frosts are just around the corner! After the river level had finally dropped right back,

we got a very wet stormy last day to see out September, so we could see fluctuating levels going into October.

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