Tay Estuary Diary March 2020

In a month that started off on an almost normal footing March would turn out to be a month like no other in our lifetime. As the Corona Virus pandemic swept the country, a three week national lock down was put into place by the government following the latest scientific advice. As the company followed these government guide lines we have temporally closed our doors to the general public at the Cargill rod beat

Willowgate Café

Willowgate Activity Centre

and Trout Fishery

The temporary closure will be continually assessed and will keep you updated. The important thing is for everybody to stay safe and be sensible We will beat this and be back together and stronger than before.

For all that’s happening around us nature keeps carrying on the birds are busy round the nest boxes, trees are budding up and there is a bit of colour about the place now as more spring flowers come into bloom. The daffodils and wild primrose had had a good showing so far.

It was good to see the Bees active and enjoying the heather’s on some of the warmer days.

In what started off as a colder month with a river under steady spate, there was a slight improvement towards the end of it, with the mercury rising up a bit and the spate abating.


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