Tay Estuary Diary June 2019

It was a dry day to the start of June and over the first week or so the river level started to drop back again towards summer level.

The weather has been very mixed over the month with some wet spells and plenty of heat at times the result of which has meant we were spending a bit more of our time than usual keeping on top of the grass cutting about the place. It has been a busy month for the Activity Centre with some big bookings enjoying the facilities

and it was good to see a number of different local schools all using the centre which seemed to go down well with all the children.

Up at the Café they have been enjoying a busy spell as more people are finding their way down to the river and enjoying the setting.

The Fishery which has recently been stocked up again has been fishing well with reports of some rods catching into double figures. The bees have been very active this month as the succession of different wildflowers keep coming

and another super has been added to the hive so hopefully we will get a spin of honey soon.

There has been a lot more bumble bees and butterflies about this year compared to last which must be a good thing.

The birds are all busy feeding young in their nest boxes. I think some must be on second broods by now. The month drew to a close with a dry warm day and the river sitting just above summer level.


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