Tay Estuary Diary April 2019

It was a cooler damper spell of weather that saw us into the first week of the month, but not wet enough to make much of a difference to the river level coming down the system.

Thursday the 4th was a busy day for us all on the river; as it was that time of year again to get the pontoons put back in place up at the Fergusson gallery site, ready for another season of boat trips that will starting up again next month.

The big crane certainly makes for an easier job when it comes to putting it all back together.

On a wildlife front we were seeing some more movement of birds along the riverside again this month, on the 3rd we saw our first Sand Martins and House Martins back over the Fishery, and further down the estuary on the 9th we had the return of a few common Sandpipers which was good to see. We are also seeing a few more Reed Bunting about now, and the odd sighting of a blackcap too.

The beavers are keeping themselves busy about the place as we are seeing a lot more mature trees being dropped at a number of locations!

There was a lovely warm spell during parts of this month and the mercury almost hit 25⁰C, which made for a very welcome change. During this spell the bees were very active round the hives; and there were plenty of butterflies to be seen too, our first Orange Tip sighting was on the 18th. 

The bluebells are very strong in places now

and the Summer Snowflake is doing well again too.

With everything greening up our grass cutting programme around the place is well underway now, and the strimmer’s have been called into action too, feels like it could be a long summer ahead! We had settled weather and a steady river as April drew to a close.


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