Tay Estuary Diary August 2018

August was to see a bit of a change in the weather patterns of late, with a much duller cooler start to this month. There was some welcome rain as the month progressed and it was good to see a lot of areas finally greening up again.

Once again this month most of our time was spent keeping on top of things with a routine program of cutting and strimming about the place. Some of our older kit was beginning to show signs of old age and a bit of wear and tear, and some welding was required to help keep the flail mower in operation for the season.

Things have been quite busy up at the Activity Centre again this month, but it has eased up a bit now with all the schools starting up again after their summer break.

The café has stayed fairly busy right throughout August month, and it has been good to see a steady stream of regulars returning to enjoy the fare and surroundings down by the riverside. The Fishery has enjoyed some busy days too when the weather has suited. It has been a mixed month as far as the weather went, but we still had our share of warmer days as well.

There is always a variety of fungi about the place by the time you are into august and it is amazing just how many different types there are to see!

It is also a good month for butterflies and the Buddleias about the place certainly attract them in numbers. The Peacock butterfly has to be the most common one about our area just now, but we are still seeing a few Red Admirals and the odd Painted Lady as well.

The bees too have been enjoying this late sunshine and are very busy on the Himalayan Balsam just now.

There are a lot of birds still feeding late broods just now; especially the House Martins, and the swallows are beginning to group up some days out over the river. There has not been much movement of birds of late but we did have a sighting of a couple of Wheatears on the 21st, but they were only in the area for a few hours then they were gone again, but it is always good to get a new bird onto your list for the area.

There was a low river and a settled weather pattern as the month came to an end, nice if it was to continue!


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