Tay Estuary Diary July 2018

The hot weather continued into July and was to keep going as the month progressed. The mercury was getting up over 30⁰C some days as the country basked in glorious sunshine; and there were records getting broken up and down the country in some areas as they were recording their hottest temperatures since records began.

The river has been as low as I have seen it in my near 40 years on the job, with some bits of the river bed visible for the first time in decades! After a few days off at the start of the month it was back to work again, there was still plenty strimming and cutting to get on with but the growth rate has definitely slowed up a bit and some areas of grass were starting to go back as the ground continued to bake under current conditions.

Up at the Activity centre the children have been enjoying this weather, with the summer camp busy most days.

The Willowgate Café has been kept busy as well with plenty customers enjoying their food and drinks outside.

At the fishery Dave has been busy out in the weed boat again keeping on top of the weeds, there have been a few anglers in but fishing conditions have been a bit harder due to the hot bright weather.

It was good to see some young Water hens hatched out at the fishery pond; hopefully they can stay out of the Herons reach.

The Otters and Beaver are still about, and there are more Bullfinches to be seen just now, also seeing a bit more of the Dipper lately. Some of the colours along the riverside have been good; with the Rebeccia at its best just now and there is plenty Purple Loosestrife and Bellflowers in the mix too.

The weather has been Ideal for the boat trips on the river; and it was good to see that there is a new 14 seater covered rib now doing return trips from Dundee to Perth as well as the other boats doing the shorter trips at the top end of the estuary. These have already started and feedback has been positive.

There was a bit of tree pruning done beside the Ferguson gallery Pontoon to make access easier for the boats coming in to disembark and pick up more passengers.

Finally there was some rain late on in the month; but even some very heavy showers it failed to do much to the river level, but I am sure that it was welcomed by the farmers as the ground was definitely needing it.


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