Tay Estuary Diary June 2018

June turned out to be one of the best we have had for a long time; with sustained warm dry spells, temperatures well up into the high twenties at times. There has also been a settled water level for most of the month too, with the river right back at summer level now.

This has been good for getting on with all our grass cutting and outside work, which is a constant cycle of keeping on top of the same areas and pathways. Up at the Fishery the weed cutting boat has been in operation a few times keeping on top of the weeds for the benefit of the fisherman.

The young cygnets that hatched out on the fishery are doing fine and can be seen out on the river most days.

There are Reed Bunting nesting at the river`s edge close to the office just now and we are seeing plenty fledglings about the waterside.

The Osprey has been seen taking fish from the river at the Activity Centre recently.

There is an odd whooper swan hanging about, we are also seeing some Yellow Hammers now and again. There have been more canoes and Kayaks out on the river in the good weather, and it was good to see another large coaster up at Perth Harbour with a big load of timber on.

The café has been busy with everybody enjoying eating outside in this fine weather; and the Activity Centre has been very busy of late with some larger group bookings.

It is great to see so many people outside enjoying themselves.

Other jobs this month included getting some of the big hedges about the place cut.

Also getting the new office accommodation into place on site at the Activity centre.

The bee hives have been busy with the bees making the most of the good weather, and it is good to see the Orchids and Bellflowers doing well too along the riverbank.

The month ended with a continued hot spell and the river settled at summer level.


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