Tay Estuary Diary September 2017

The good weather has continued into the early part of this month and the river level remained constant for a while.

There was still a lot of cutting and strimming to be done done about the place, but the growth rate is definitely slowing up now that we are getting later into the year.

There has been a little bit movement of birds along the estuary this month but things are slow yet. The Swallows and Martins are all but gone now, and the Sandpipers are few as well. We have had some Dabchicks back about the place

and the odd Mistle Thrush, but no sightings of the field fares yet! There are some Mute Swans coming in

and it was good to see the green darvex ring PPI back again after all these months. The cafĂ© has been busy since it has opened up again and it’s good to see a lot of our old customers back using and enjoying it.

The fishery has been doing okay with some good catches, and Dave has been busy out on the weed cutting boat staying on top of things to keep it clear for the fishers.

We have had a very good crop of sloes this year of which there were a few pounds of them picked for making some sloe gin, but there was plenty left for the birds to enjoy as well!

The Activity Centre is a bit quieter since the schools went back but they are still doing well with all the various groups that use the place and the bookings are still coming in.

There was a bit of spate on the system going into the last week of the month causing the river to rise sharply, this was probably the first real test on the pontoons since they were put into the river this year but they seemed to have stood up to the test okay and the drift deflector on the top one did the job.

It was a good last day to the month with a bit of heat and a dropping river level.




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