Tay Estuary Diary May 2017

The month started with a cool dry dull day but it was not long before we got into a very good spell of hot weather.

There were occasional light showers early on but hardly enough to wet the ground. A lot of the plants and trees were struggling and some time was spent with the hose and the watering can going round some of things that were recently planted. Again this month a lot of effort has been put into grass cutting and strimming with the Activity Centre and the Fishery taking up bit of our time.

We also spent a bit of time tackling the Hogweed and Knotweed at various locations about the riverside, for all that you take out and clear during the year there’s always more areas of it appear about the place. One of the pitfalls of being lower down the system where the seed from higher up works its way down to you!

It was good to see that the resident pair of swans up at the fishery have managed to hatch out another three cygnets again this year, hopefully they will fare well over the coming months.

We are finally seeing a bit of green about the place where we have been grass seeding. The hose and sprinkler was kept busy before we finally got some rain towards the end the month.

It was good to see some more colours about the place with the wild Lupins and Orchids back again at various locations about the water-side, hopefully it will be a good year for them.

Another job done at the end of this month was getting the pontoons back into the water at the harbour and then getting them towed into place with our cobbles down to the Willowgate Fishery and up to the Ferguson Gallery site.

With some help from the boys at Gaelforce these were successfully connected up to the piles ready to go.

There is an open day planned for the 25th June with boat trips to Willowgate Activity Centre which coincides with our open day 10am – 7pm where members of the public can come along and try taster session ao all we have to offer from Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Aqua zorb, Archery to name but a few.

There were a few more very hot days in the last week and some heavy rainfall, which was welcomed on the ground but it was not enough to affect the river level.


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